Review: Blunderland

An extravagant variety trip you won't forget

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Published 19 Feb 2020

From New York’s notorious club scene comes Blunderland. Featuring kitschy cabaret, burlesque and acrobatics, the night is vibrant, shocking and uproarious.

Eric Schmalenberger, ringleader of this strange circus, brings an adorkable charm to his queer cabaret, leading his collection of high-flying clowns and sensual sirens to outrageous heights. From quirky trapeze to jaw-dropping aerial pole dancing and stunning hoops, the acrobatics of the show bring a sense of stillness and awe.

The three clowns, collectively known as Fou York, are a particular highlight and in their luminous French wigs and white aristocratic makeup, they echo old-school foolery. The burlesque queens are both glamorous and outrageous, with a few cheeky surprises. Contrasted against all the colour and vibrancy is the crooning goth, Ruby Wednesday, who, side by side with Schmalenberger, adds Weimar cabaret glam to the ensemble. 

Blunderland is an outrageous and subversive celebration of all that is weird, queer and extravagant.