Review: Amy Hetherington and Danielle Andrews – Dynamic Duo

Feminist larrikinism from the NT

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Amy Hetherington and Danielle Andrews
Published 21 Feb 2020

Amy Hetherington and Danielle Andrews will make you feel at home as soon as you walk into The Comedy Cupboard (Rhino Room’s intimate Alley Cat venue). It’s an admirable skill to relax a group of strangers in a confined space but both comics are just so happy to be here. At least they’re not playing in a servo – anymore.

In this double bill the style of the two comics differs slightly: Hetherington begins with her laconic tales of Darwin life and tales of a woman over thirty. Andrews is more physical, using her body to emphasise stories of body positivity and what really happens in women’s bathrooms. 

Both comics can come off a little stilted or self-conscious in their delivery of written material; more stage time to loosen their delivery would help progress their craft.

Yet they each clearly love to banter back and forth with the audience and welcome interaction without ever singling out audience members. While they each talk about similar material, nothing feels like it’s been overdone or crossed over. This is comedy with a feminist bent.