Review: Anna Nicholson – Get Happy

If money can’t buy you happiness, then Anna Nicholson is here with four ridiculous characters to give you some hot tips on how to find it

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Anna Nicholson
Photo by Bobbin Productions
Published 23 Feb 2020

Exploring happiness is no easy feat, but Anna Nicholson provides some very distinct perspectives; all with hugely differing ideas through her slick character work. Self-obsession is a strong contender for ‘getting happy’ behaviour, as is religion. Nicholson’s fourth character, Shirley, has some pearls of wisdom from her long life and long list of lovers. Nicholson is a queen of characterisation. She effortlessly brings each character to life with strength and vigour.

There are a few lengthy costume changes, buffered with a meta-level vocal recording, and unfortunately these allow a few lulls, but Nicholson’s energy quickly brings it back. As silly and fun as it is, there are some interesting questions raised. Nicholson has created a satirical look at where we seek value and how we measure self-worth. Why do we use others as yardsticks? How can we turn inwards to seek happiness?