Review: Nina Oyama Is 'Doing Me' Right Now

A de-railed evening for a promising comedian

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Nina Oyama is 'Doing Me' Right Now
Published 21 Feb 2020

Some nights just don’t go your way. Prominent heckling from audience members derail tonight's show on several occasions, leaving us with a comedian who ‘is like a teacher who has lost control of the classroom’.  This is how Nina Oyama describes the start of her own show. Despite her best laid plans, it continues to unravel from there.

Oyama is best known from roles in sketch comedy shows such as Kinne Tonight and Tonightly with Tom Ballard. She also belongs to the niche world of “cum Twitter” due to a joke she posted going viral. In Nina Oyama is 'Doing Me' Right Now she is building an hour of standup around many of her online experiences. Some are relatable, some play herself as the fool, but some regrettably punch down.

While some sections of the show work, Oyama often repeats jokes, jumbles her lines or needs to start again. This is understandable during an early preview performance – and she isn't helped tonight by the hecklers – but on the second weekend it's disappointing not to see Oyama perform to her full potential.