Strong and bold circus which is also a triumphant challenge to social norms

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Boss Squad
Published 17 Mar 2019

Perceptions of gender and behaviour are fiercely challenged by the BOSS SQUAD – a crew of strong, powerful girls who know what they want. Through the accessible medium of circus, each woman on stage confronts their socially-forced expectations. Can't be strong if you're a girl? Muscles aren't feminine and are therefore unattractive? Girls should be available to be touched? All women want to have children?

Their social message is loud and clear and vividly demonstrated. A staple gun provides a poignant yet bloody representation of the labels imposed on girls, which are shredded physically and metaphorically. By working together, these girls achieve so much more than they can individually which creates a beautiful metaphor for life outside of the stage.

This show is for any girl who has ever been told they shouldn't be strong. For any girl who has been told to behave "like a girl". It is a celebratation of girls' achievements through power, control and strength.