Anna Cherkasova: FARRAGO

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Published 25 Feb 2018
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Anna Cherkasova has taken over Nexus Arts’ gallery space by adorning the walls with her precise black and white line-work, in an interactive installation that invites viewers of all ages to pick up a coloured pen and join in the fun.

This is an evolving piece of work, meaning Cherkasova will be drawing live at the gallery each day and adding to the growing array of detailed creatures and critters already decorating the space. As its title suggests, Cherkasova has created a farrago of illustrations that are mostly native Australian flora and fauna, but has also snuck in a few exotic animals and other enchanting surprises to entice participation and wonder.

FARRAGO is a large and impressive body of work mostly aimed at children with its collection of cute animals, but adults can just as easily enjoy the exhibit by taking a break from the monotonous and adding colour to this imaginative piece.