Domestic Goddi: Wonderland

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Published 12 Aug 2010

Despite its genteel predictability, Wonderland is not without its strong points. The show boasts capable comic performances, but some of the gags have seen better days, relying all too heavily on the mundane and scatological.

Incision is rare as foodies and the upper classes come in for easy send-ups, though high points emerge as two deranged teenage girls devour a napkin and Power Mummy's week-old daughter fails to express an interest in chamber music.

Innuendo bores as a well-meaning mother who crashes her lesbian daughter’s date to lend her a vibrator, while throwaway gags about domestic abuse add little and a couple of higher necklines are perhaps advisable. But, considering the polite reception, this act will no doubt continue to draw Fringe-goers until Domestic Goddi: The HRT Years.