Andy Field: The Andy Field Experience

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Published 09 Aug 2017

Andy Field makes no apologies for people not getting on board with his whimsical brand of odd pun and drug-fuelled humour – but then the clue's in the title. This is the Andy Field Experience. He’s just doing things to make himself laugh and he doesn’t really give a damn if you join him or not. It’s his experience and he’s having a blast. Luckily there are a few things in the show for the innocent bystander to enjoy as well.

Field presents a powerpoint show that is essentially a prompt for his jokes. Like, if you could see a comedian’s notes writ large on his or her hand. As you may have already guessed, Field gives very few fricks. This works massively in his favour since not everything works, as he is the first to admit – not least in a section marked "jokes that don’t work". The joy is that Field sells them with his enjoyment of himself. It’s not onanistic but there’s something strangely gratifying about seeing a comedian so in love with his own company and creations.

It’s not just his enthusiastic apathy that’s endearing, when his jokes work they really work. He has crafted some stellar puns, great one liners and a few solid, and sometimes all too honest stories to go on along with his gleeful abandon when his jokes bomb. It’s an odd situation to be in that if he got better, he wouldn’t be as good.