Review: Mat Ewins: Danger Money

High-energy hour from the maestro of multimedia

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Mat Ewins, image courtesy of IAM
Published 14 Aug 2022

Mat Ewins invites the audience to play Danger Money, in a high-energy hour showcasing his video editing skills and silly sense of humour. Following a gameshow format, it’s a fast-paced and versatile show, bearing all the trademarks of the maestro of multimedia.  

Clearly a man with a lot of time on his hands, Mat Ewins has put together enough audio-visual material to accompany him through an hour-long show, which is no mean feat. Using it to enhance his performance, rather than hide behind it, he creates a fun-fuelled experience with multiple layers, including YouTube-style videos (watch out for a cameo by Richard Gadd) and computer game elements programmed by himself.

It may sound tech heavy, and it is, but on the right side of gimmicky. Ewins holds his own with solid jokes and confident crowd work, getting members of the audience to join him on stage to participate in his games.

Some of the gags are too juvenile, and while it’s meant to be retro, the show may be too steeped in nostalgia to resonate with the younger demographics. Nonetheless, having put himself through literal pain and effort to create videos for our amusement, Ewins provides a left-field and original hour of entertainment.