Stuart Laws Stops

Stuart Laws never stops never stopping

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 12 Aug 2017

Stuart Laws is unstoppable. When not working his day job at a production company for TV and ads, he films stand up shows for NextUp (the only UK comedy streaming site) and writes and directs sketches as part of Turtle Canyon Comedy. Someone with this background might usually be tempted to base his show around these multimedia attributes – or simply be too exhausted to even think about doing a brand new hour at the Fringe.

Instead Stuart Laws has written a whole hour of whimsical stand up so jam packed with ideas it can be difficult at times to keep up. You’ll struggle to find a comedian with a better jokes per minute rate than Laws. The audience might not be entirely with him but he confidently yet awkwardly works his way through stories of love, loss and going on holiday with a spider who is none too keen on the idea.

There are so many gags and clever turns of phrases casually tossed out that most of the audience miss them. It feels like a show people might want to rewatch in order to enjoy it more, knowing to look out for these asides and moments of foreshadowing – like a one-man episode of Arrested Development (seasons 1 & 2 of course). With Laws’ prowess as a filmmaker and documentarian you may get the chance to watch this on screen one day, and the comedian will develop the cult following he so richly deserves.