Review: Lights Over Tesco Car Park by Poltergeist Theatre

Poltergeist Theatre's docu-comedy explores aliens, looking up, and how we tell stories

theatre review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 14 Aug 2018

Robert says he saw four red lights over the Tesco car park and that some other being is coming to stay in his spare room. Poltergeist Theatre tells the story of their conversations with Robert in their pop mockumentary-style show about aliens, about looking up, and about human relationships.

What’s remarkable about this show is its use of audience interaction and participation, ensuring every audience member feels relaxed. From the moment the audience enter they’re greeted by four bright, charming performers dancing to space-themed classics (‘Reach for the Stars’, anyone?). The recurrent use of flying saucer sweets to encourage audience members to help ensures that participation is never forced upon us.

Playfulness is at the show’s heart, from Rosa dancing alone in a latex green alien mask, to a disco-dancing "articles we found in our research" skit. Audience interaction is similarly playful. It's entertaining, but makes us look at the reports of alien sightings differently. How do we tell stories which make us feel alone, and how do we share an individual experience with others?

Maybe it’s not about the aliens, or whether it’s true. Maybe it’s about being in a room together, holding our phones' torches in the air, listening to stories and, just for a moment, believing.