Review: She/Her

Personal histories are given voice in an absorbing play by Nicole Ansari-Cox

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She/Her, photo by Elke Rosthal
Published 08 Aug 2022

The first full-length play directed by Nicole Ansari-Cox, made by her company Actors Rising Productions, delves into the personal stories of a diverse group of women laying themselves bare on stage. In a multimedia performance that explores a wide range of topics, including identity, parent-child relationships and drug abuse, the cast share their feminine experiences from different perspectives.

Premiering in New York in 2021, She/Her adapts for each location it’s set in, with each local cast member co-writing their own monologues together with Ansari-Cox. It’s a collaborative take on storytelling that allows individual experiences to be told within a collective space of female solidarity and empathy. The cast members each anchor their story in a universal theme, such as love and connection, making it relatable and giving it integrity in their own voice. Interweaving live music and movement with monologues adds pace and variety to a show that aims to promote healing through art.

Performances are uneven and some stories are more gripping than others, but they all share a vulnerability and authenticity that binds them, the performers and, ultimately, the audience together. She/Her is a polished, original production by women sharing their hopes, fears and truths.