We Were Promised Honey!

Next showing 10:00, Wed 10 Aug 2022 at Roundabout @ Summerhall, Edinburgh

Maybe after this we’ll occupy the theatre. Maybe in one hundred years it’ll be swallowed by the sea. Maybe we’ll all meet here again. Maybe everything will go to shit. From the makers of Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist and The Accident Did Not Take Place comes an act of communal storytelling. A hopeful, hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind. A story of us, our future, of paradise and how we get there in the end. ‘YESYESNONO make shows that feel completely different to anybody else’ (Exeunt). Total Theatre Award Winner 2017.

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Roundabout @ Summerhall
10-28 Aug, not 16, 23
Tickets: £14.00 - £15.00