Adelaide's best cabaret shows 2018

It's such a drag choosing the best cabaret shows to see at the Adelaide Fringe – let Fest save you the trouble

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Published 01 Feb 2018
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Melbourne cabaret force Tash York graces The Bally at Gluttony with her one-woman show Adulting about the innumerable responsibilities of being a grown-up (whatever that means!). A satire on the often-demonised younger generations, York brings hilarity to the reality of winging it in an age of total economic dilapidation. Because who knows how to do their taxes anyway?
Gluttony, 8pm, 16-25 Feb, not 19, $15-25

A Night at the Musicals

UK drag artist legend Jonny Woo and operatic queen Le Gateau Chocolat return with their award-winning repertoire of adulterated show tunes in A Night at the Musicals. Armed with Woo’s performance artistry and Chocolat’s renowned baritonal bravado, these two queens will belt out your favourite musical numbers with titillating stage antics and unapologetic lycra.
The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 9.35pm, 16 Feb-18 Mar, not Mons, Tues, $28-38

Help! I Think I Might Be Fabulous

A queer coming-of-age for all ages, Help!... is UK drag darling Alfie Ordinary’s journey through self-acceptance and sexuality. Detailing his time at Madame LeCoq’s Preparatory School for Fabulous Boys, Alfie assists his reluctant schoolmate, John, in finding his own fabulousness through hilarious renditions of pop classics. Also at Stirling Fringe on 9 Mar.
Royal Croquet Club, 6.15pm, various dates between 16 Feb-18 Mar, $20-28

Ugly Duckling

Topics such as body image and dysmorphia are explored in this charming and risqué cabaret show starring the human embodiment of an image-obsessed ugly duckling. Aussie actor Karla Hillam and multi-award-winning cabaret director Spanky team up to bring vanity-riddled Duckie to life through this ‘pop cabaret', which includes hits by Lorde and Julia Michaels.
RAJOPOLIS at Raj House, 7.45pm, 6-18 Mar, not 12, $28-35

GINGZILLA: Glamonster VS The World

Gingzilla is the foxy, red-headed and bearded seven-foot-tall 'glamonster', and this year she is taking on the world as well as the stage with GINGZILLA: Glamonster vs the World. Large and in charge, Gingzilla will traverse a 1950s drive-in movie theatre with a backdrop of monstrously dated pop culture references to question the nature of progress and gender norms.
Gluttony, 9.40pm, 27 Feb-18 Mar, not 5 Mar, $20-30

Iconic - A Brief History of Drag

Following sold-out performances around the UK, prepare to tuck yourselves in for a whirlwind journey through drag history with talented new-wave queen Velma Celli. A triple-threat performer, Celli details all aspects of what makes drag performance and artistry iconic – through dance, acting and music. This is essential history of LGBTIQA++ culture and is not to be missed.
Gluttony, 11:10pm, 6-17 Mar, not 7, 12, 14, $20-26.50

Two Brunettes & A Gay – God Save The Queens!

Two Brunettes & A Gay return this year after a wildly successful 2017 season, this time hailing pop-royalty icons such as Madonna and Tina Turner. Adelaide talents Aaron, Celeste and Deanna will have you roaring with their invented genre of ‘CABAGAY’ – a cabaret extravaganza of drag excellence with a modern twist, but just as many sequins.
Gluttony, 9:15pm, 16 Feb-4 Mar, not 19, 26 Feb, $12-22

Diffusion: The movies in my mind

Cazeleon’s world is not one hindered by any sort of binary. Taking her political artistry from the grass roots of Melbourne and East London to international audiences, Cazeleon is a gender-fluid cabaret chameleon challenging gender norms through cinema in this world premiere.
RAJOPOLIS at Raj House, 10:45pm, 21 Feb-3 Mar, not 25-28 Feb, $15-25