Edinburgh 2023

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As of 2022 we have reviewed how we do things. As well as giving the design a timely refresh, we’ve also switched to weekly issues in August (9, 16 and 23 August), giving each edition a longer shelf life. And we’re focusing on targeted, economical distribution, in step with the festivals themselves favouring considerate programming over endless, needless growth. This means 20,000 copies of our Preview edition (out 26 July) and 5,000 copies each of the August issues, all distributed to festival venues and box offices throughout the centre – plus Edinburgh and Gatwick airports for the Preview issue.

Adelaide 2024?

In February 2018, Fest spread its wings to cover the Australian festival scene, starting with the Adelaide Fringe & Adelaide Festival. After a very successful launch year, Fest returned to South Australia in 2019 with another 20,000 copies to cover the biggest arts festival in the southern hemisphere.

In 2020, we doubled the circulation of our Preview edition, meaning we printed 25,000 copies in total across four editions. Please click here for our 2020 media pack, with more information on the magazine, its print run and advertising costs.

We have been unable to publish in Adelaide for 2021 - 2023 due to the pandemic; the magazine is currently on pause until things stabilise. We are investigating the means to return for the 2024 festivals.

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