Review: Black List Cabaret

Featuring People of Colour from across the festival at all stages of their Fringe careers

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Black List Cabaret
Published 25 Feb 2020

As the only First Nations Fringe hub, Tandanya is celebrating performers of colour in Black List Cabaret, hosted by Samoan Fringe Ambassador Fez Fa’anana. What’s so beautiful about this show is the genuine celebration of culture.

Fa’anana gives a quick Samoan lesson in clapping and rhythm and brings the audience together, calling mili and pati with vigour.

Alongside seasoned performers like Movin’ Melvin Brown are newcomers; including an Indigenous drag act in their first time on stage.

Although they are overcoming some nerves, a supportive audience pushes them through a mashup of iconic 2000s R’n’B with a laugh. The ever impressive crew from Frankenstein: How To Make a Monster work as one as they cover Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep'. 

To see a cabaret line-up show is to take a risk. In this case, you will most likely be there for the first performance of someone who will grow to be great. Listening to Fa’anana and Karl 'Winda' Telfer passionately chat about their background in performance and Indigenous artistic expression is enthralling.