Kidnapping Blunderland

Fest's editor Laura Desmond nabs the Blunderland crew for a day out at Maslin Beach

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Blunderland at the beach
Photo by Laura Desmond
Published 24 Feb 2020

Case File

Destination: Maslin ‘Unclad’ Beach

Playlist: Don’t Speak – No Doubt; Mr Brightside – The Killers; I’m Not Okay – My Chemical Romance; California – Phantom Planet

The Kidnap

Pre-10am, we wait for 12 of Blunderland’s crew to caffeinate and pile into our hired bus. Streaks of last night’s glitter adorn ringleader Eric Schmalenberger’s face, while Piper arrives with a flawless face behind oversized sunnies.

Despite this being our first meeting with most of the Blunderland cast, they welcome us into their world immediately. A couple of singalongs in the car later, and we’re well and truly out of the city and on the stunning coast.

We could not have asked for more perfect beach weather. As we get onto the sand, clothes come off, ciders come out and we set up our beach plot. Over the next few hours, we have photo shoots, talk performance and be ourselves. Ruby Wednesday reads a book hidden under an enormous black hat, and Darlinda wanders further down the coast. 

After sufficient sunburn, we head to Oscar’s in McLaren Vale for a late lunch before napping all the way home.

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