Review: Club D'amour: Back Door

This cabaret-circus is an excellent expression of joy, acceptance and exploration

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Club D'amour photo by K Darius
Published 26 Feb 2024

From the very beginning of Club D’Amour: Back Door it is clear the audience is in for an hour full of belly-laughs. The silliness is soon combined with circus, drag, dancing and burlesque in a way that leaves the audience wishing it wouldn’t end. The scene is set in a French brothel and follows the story of a couple, Jacques (Saint Eve) and Louis (Christian Nimri), exploring their sexuality, desires and fantasies.

The WA based theatre company, Tone and Cheek Productions, does an excellent job of combining sheer talent with masses of entertainment. Amber Scates is a clear highlight, presenting her skills across theatre and circus with her incredible vocals stealing the show and consistently leaving the audience with their jaws dropped and cheering.

The fabulous drag madam, Fay Rocious, hosts the show and keeps it interactive, resulting in the feeling that we are indeed part of it all. There's flirtation, hilarious profanity, flawless choreography, remarkable aerial acrobatics and so much more. Club D’Amour: Back Door is an energetic and erotic piece of art for those queer, questioning, or straight... but maybe leave your parents at home for this one.

Club D'amour: Back Door, Gluttony, until 10 March