Review: Popcorn Underground

An eclectic cabaret which is inclusive, flirtatious and funny

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Published 26 Feb 2024
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Popcorn Underground image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

Popcorn Underground is a show for all the senses. Think water, popcorn, live vocals, lip-syncing, salt, miming, butter, aerial acrobatics, rollerskating, hula hoops, nudity, magic and many laughs. 

This show combines acts from all over the world to create an incredibly inclusive, individualist, flirtatious and funny performance which all work together to form a strangely enchanting experience. Some acts leave you in stitches while others are more emotional and moving. Each one, however, is undeniably unique, ensuring that you're left stunned, shocked, or unable to look away. 

There is something for everyone with each act different to the last. Tara Boom pops onto stage leaving the audience covered in popcorn – but the kind you probably shouldn't eat. Sven and Jan, the roller-skating duo, are so talented, their death-defying stunts leave you feeling grateful that neither of them fly into the audience during their act. Drag star Gingzilla’s vocals and profanity keep the audience giggling and, if you’re lucky, you might even get a cuddle from the queen herself. 

Summarising this show seems near impossible, so it's best to simply expect the unexpected. And a hot tip for if you’re in the front row – be sure to bring a rain jacket.  



Popcorn Underground, Wonderland Festival Hub, until 11 March