Review: That's NOT Amore

An intimate cabaret that demolishes stereotypes

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That's NOT Amore image courtesy of the artist
Published 26 Feb 2024

Carla Mattiazzo is loud, feminine, strong and here to make sure you know it. The pendulum of That’s NOT Amore swings between monologue and ballad, past and present, Australia and Italy, truly making its hour timeslot fly by. The show, however, is not one of lighthearted anecdotes and funny family tales; but a demolishing of the stereotypes Mattiazzo lives with. By the end of the show, she has not only made knowing jokes with the audience about what coming from the immigration generation means but opened up about some of her harshest life experiences both socially and culturally. Her message is clear: you should never feel guilty for who you are, what you look like or for the traumatic experiences you have encountered.

Despite its detailed discussions of trauma, the show is not a tutorial for recovery, rather Mattiazzo’s personal diary unapologetically brought to life. The humour is dark but delivered in such a familiar ‘we’ve all been there’ way that makes it highly entertaining. Being of such a personal nature, That’s NOT Amore is intimate with the audience and calls for interactivity: be prepared to be singled out or to at least have a boogie in your seat. That’s NOT Amore offers a harsh discussion about the personal life of one woman, and although there is room for refinement, it is an extremely enjoyable hour that will undoubtably create conversation on the drive home.



That's NOT Amore, Murray Room at Bridgeport Hotel, until 16 March