Kidnapping: Gobby

We give Jodie Irvine a day at the beach

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Jodie Irvine is Kidnapped
Published 02 Mar 2020
  • Destination – Fleurieu Peninsula

  • Playlist

    • The Killing Kind – Marianas Trench

    • Nina Cried Power – Hozier

    • 6/10 – dodie

    • Angela – The Lumineers

  • Animals

    • Stingray

    • Baby goat – Frank

    • 25+ horses

    • Countless doggos

After her first full night’s sleep since landing in Oz, Jodie Irvine is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ahead of our day trip to the Fleurieu Peninsula. We swing by to pick up our unofficial tour guide Tate Simpson, and we head south along the coast.

Our first stop is Ingalalla Falls. Slightly inland, the short drive is worth it for the serenity of the rock filled creek and waterfall. We take a few minutes for some low-level bouldering up the side of the waterfall before heading to High Country Trails to say hi to the locals.

Simpson often volunteers her time with High Country Trails, so we’re able to meet the horses at the property including Liam – an affectionate dappled grey. Frank, a young goat, is a new addition to the property. He takes some coercing, but soon we’re cuddling on the grass.

We then make our way to Forktree Brewing and have lunch overlooking the beach and the surrounding cliffs. We taste a couple of their small brew beers, and then head to the beach. We set up camp and wander knee-deep into the crisp water.

Within minutes, a stingray glides close to where we’re standing and a crowd forms along the coastline. The curious creature cuts a lap of the shore before heading back into deeper water.

Thank you to High Country Trails for letting us meet your horses.