In Character: Tabitha Booth

The lounge singer lets us in on her history and the secrets to nailing that audition

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Frankie McNair as Tabitha Booth image courtesy of Laughing Stock
Published 07 Feb 2024

What were you like as a child? 

I had an uncanny resemblance to a porcupine doll. In fact, I was mistakenly placed in a Grace Brothers display cabinet before being found by a lovely janitor. I believe that’s where my love for the stage and blue collar men began. 

Have you always loved performing in some way or another?

Always. My mother's midwife said she felt me kick a perfect step-ball-change in utero. The world is a stage for me, and the stage is the world! To me, everyday is the audition and I’m determined to get the call back! Lead roles only, thank you. 

Tell us a little bit about how you get into character. What’s your process?

What is a doctor without their stethoscope? A painter without their brush? An actor without their wig? If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the wig is the glass sliding door. Most actors waste precious time learning lines and connecting to their character, but not me. I try not to over complicate it, VBAW* can apply to every character and has never let me down.  

What tips would you give someone heading in for an audition?

Use your time in that room! This simply can not be overstated. In an audition you have a limited amount of time to show them what you can do, so show them! Why waste time doing a two minute contemporary monologue when you could be singing the entire cast album of Le Mis? Why walk in the room when you have the God given capability to salsa? Remember, the script is a guide only, don’t be afraid to go so far off-book even you don’t know what’s happening anymore! 

Do you choose your roles or do the roles choose you?

When you are a vessel for the craft you choose to accept all roles. No matter how big, small, or questionable. I live by that.  

What insights can we expect from your Adelaide Fringe show this year?

You can expect to find the contents of my heart and soul, my life’s story, my entire being naked and raw on stage ready to scream 'This is me world! How about it?!' We will also have a merch table selling novelty pins.


*Vaguely British Accent and Wig. 



Frankie McNair - An Intimate Evening with Tabitha Booth, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, until 17 March