Reuben Hunter - The Hoard

comedy review (adelaide) | Read in About 1 minute
Published 25 Feb 2018
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A disclaimer about mental health isn’t exactly how you expect a comedy show to start but this isn’t your regular standup. Starring Dora the Ex-Hoarder among others, Reuben Hunter has put together a unique and touching performance in The Hoard.

More than anything, it’s a personal story about Hunter’s father's death, in which he doesn’t hold back. Giving an insightful reflection into the years gone by, Hunter whips out (sometimes cheesy, sometimes witty) punchlines to suit any situation. It’s these little quips that keep the show light while covering such a dark subject.

At times you’re caught mid-chuckle, second guessing when’s appropriate to laugh and feeling slightly uncomfortable. But all of this is Hunter’s intention, surfacing the emotions we keep boxed up and making us reassess what really matters.

Sure the show has a bit of baggage and might not be everyone’s idea of light entertainment but if you’re up for it The Hoard will show you how easily it can be to smile even when your world appears so bleak.