Review: The Kagools – Cirque du Kagool

Slapstick silliness in the funniest ‘cirque’ at the Fringe

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The Kagools
Photo by Rosie Collins
Published 21 Feb 2020

The Kagools, award-winning UK imports Nicky Wilkinson and Claire Ford, bring their silent comedy prowess in an hour of brilliant mime and physical comedy.

The pair exude the chaotic energy of children who got into the magic box and decided to treat their parents to a show. And, like the proudest of parents, the audience are only too happy to oblige.

As they attempt cup tricks, hula hoops and acrobatics, they blunder and fall and pick themselves up with radiance and joy. If you sit in the front row, you might get hit in the face with a flying tooth, but really, nowhere is safe. The two pluck their willing victims for impromptu strong-man competitions, orchestral concerts and cleaning duties from everywhere.  

While they seem intent to pursue only absurdity at first, what emerges is a strange narrative of friendship, love and jealousy. That might be taking things too seriously, but communicated entirely through mime, physical comedy and astutely chosen songs, it’s hard not to feel the pathos that comes with only the best of clowns.