Nat's What I Reckon: Adelaide v Sydney

The comedian gives us food for thought

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Published 28 Feb 2024
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Nat's What I Reckon photo by Julia Gee

I hadn’t been to Adelaide until a few years ago – for no particular reason, just hadn’t. My bad it turns out 'cause the place is fucken unreal.

I’m from Sydney, a place where people often hang shit on Adelaide because it’s apparently ‘not exciting' or 'not Sydney enough’. We also have a long standing and very similar battle with Melbourne where we think it’s shit for reasons no one can seem to really explain.

I have stayed in town every time I’ve been here and you can pretty much walk everywhere unless you have a bad case of gout, which I did one year. Do not recommend bringing that with you.

You can forget needing to digest the same old trash at some chain restaurant in this town because the food has seriously got it going on (hear that Sydney?). Easily one of the most no-nonsense kickarse places I’ve been to eat was a joint called Shōbōsho, a yakitori BBQ joint with food, drinks and vibe so cool it will turn your hat backwards for ya. The food is mind blowing and the staff are legends, give it a run.

Chinatown is increds, go for a meander and be blown away by the levels of awesome. I had a pretty righteous bowl of Phở at a joint called Pho S.A, both me and my partner go there every time we are in town.

If you’re the mall wandering type that loves blowing ya cash on all the shiny things, Rundle Mall has your back, almost too much to be honest. It’s a bit like a large hadron collider of overstimulating shops – if you’re not careful you may find yourself days later buried in a pile of tracksuits inside a Rebel Sport wondering how you got there?

The bars and pubs in this town won’t let ya down, there are some bloody crackers. A few winners are Cry Baby Bar and the Crown and Anchor (or the Cranker as its known to some) both sterling spots for a liquid sandwich.

Overall my review of Adelaide is a pretty bloody good one – the food is amazing, the people are champions, shit – I even had a good time listening to the very vocal anti-vax parade outside my hotel room window that ruined my nap, and I’m happily vaccinated so what’s that tell ya?

The best part about Adelaide Fringe is laughing at all the people in Sydney who are missing out because of reasons they can’t prove.

I say be there or be... elsewhere I suppose?


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