What Evan Desmarais has learned from the Fringe

Comedian Evan Desmarais tells us everything he’s picked up on during the festival season

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Evan Desmarais
Published 01 Mar 2020

It’s not all a party

IT’S ALL A PARTY! But that doesn’t mean it has to be for you. The fear is real – you may stay in one night and miss the evening where everyone did mushrooms with Daniel Radcliffe, before Harry Potter gave everyone their own wands. Magically, because of that night, everyone’s show sold out for the rest of the run. But that won’t happen. (It could, be afraid!) You’ll make the memories you need to – but you also have to look out for yourself. Have a balance of going out on those crazy nights, and being healthy and sober for your shows.

Stay close

I am in the firm belief of living close. Stay near the Fringe. Live in it. Why would you take a 16 hour flight to be an hour bus ride from your venue? This way you’re close to everything. Woke up too late to flyer for your show? Good thing you’re a hop, skip and a jump from being at work. Staying out late? Well, the money you save on those cabs makes up for the difference in rent you’ll pay!

Don’t get lost at camp

This will soon be your favourite time of year. You will make lifetime friendships. But you must realise, it’s a sleepover camp. Of the best kind, BUT YOU STILL HAVE A LIFE. Don’t get caught up in this month and forget that you unfortunately have to live the other 11 months of the year. Make sure you’re keeping up with life admin to have those months working for you. It’s easy to get caught up and make Adelaide your world.

Go see other peoples shows

You’re not the only one with a show. All the people you’re friends with have amazing shows! Go watch, go support. Learn from the best, learn from the worst. Don’t judge anything before you’ve seen it. See as much as you can.

Don’t waste your days

Sure, sleeping in all day will help a hangover. But you know what else is revitalising? Going to the zoo. You want to have a great day – feed a fucking lemur! Throw some watermelon to a hippo. That will make your week!

Work smart

Party, network, dance, flyer, drink, email. BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE. This life can be so addictive, but you need to teach yourself that this is a job and to not get caught up with the fun parts of it. Circus performers are some of the most fun people in the world but BE CAREFUL! It’s a job! Make sure you get your stuff done before you let loose. No-one can flyer better than you, but always have help. You’re the best person to sell your show. Make sure to be out everyday interacting and flyering. But also, that’s the most draining part of the Fringe – selling your soul. So do it, but also find someone else to help. They will pay for themselves in ticket sales – and having that extra person takes away some of the stress that’s on you.