Review: LIMBO - The Return

Surrealism, acrobatics and mesmerising soundscapes converge in this captivating show

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Limbo – The Return photo by Prudence Upton
Published 26 Feb 2024

In turn, the acts wander – almost lost – often looking up to what might or could be awaiting them above. Is it worth venturing into this unknown?

Surrealism brings this show to life through ethereal soundscapes and delicate acrobatics juxtaposed with rambunctious big band tunes and high-energy dance.

Clara Fable’s fire routine is smooth, sexy and surprising with the incorporation of bubbles and under-stage flame machines. Ben Loader becomes one with his aerial rope with elegance and purposefulness. His distinct movements and defined routine is a beautiful art.

Towards the culmination of the show a seemingly never ending white rope is fed through the audience and attached to the centre of the stage rigging. It is slowly and ceremoniously pulled upwards in a stunning depiction of ascension. Although the pair onstage dance in its grasp a few feet from the stage floor, ultimately they choose to stay here, in the in-between.

Due to an early injury among the cast, there were quick changes to the performance which understandably were less polished, nonetheless, LIMBO - The Return is an entirely enveloping experience.



LIMBO – The Return, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, until 17 March