Curiouser and Curiouser

Fest samples a handful of venues as part of Hendrick's Gin’s Curious Gin Trail, using the illustrated map on their Cucumber Cooling Towel

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Hendrick's Gin: photo by Jon Wah
Published 29 Feb 2024

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Hendrick's Gin

It’s a warm day. You’re in the city and you have time to kill before making your way to a few shows in the evening. What better way to explore Adelaide’s bars and discover the complexity of Hendrick’s Gin than their Curious Gin Trail? 

Hendrick’s Gin have partnered with seven cocktail bars and challenged them to create a cocktail using one of their assorted gins. Grab a Cucumber Cooling Towel with the purchase of your first venue's signature Hendrick's Gin cocktail – and make sure to get it chilled by the bar team so it's ice cold for your adventure around Adelaide.

We at Fest start our journey in Peel Street at Malt & Juniper with a refreshing spritz. The team here keep the gin simple, using the Original Hendrick's Gin, but add complexity in the form of burnt honey, a faux ferment, apple cider vinegar and cucumber and thyme infusions. Fresh mint in the ice-laden glass along with a luxurious furled cucumber result in an incredibly refreshing start of the Trail with strong mead vibes.

Is it a wall? Is it a door? Even better, it’s Adelaide’s answer to a speakeasy – Maybe Mae. The seats are plush, the bar is stacked and the gin is floral. Maybe Mae take Hendrick’s Flora Adora and turn it into the most luscious baby pink classic sour with fresh lemon juice and a delicate basil syrup (with no egg whites in sight). The result is tart with notes of rosewater – like a delectable liquified Turkish delight.

Hains and Co take it tropical and keep their nautical theme with Siren’s Song. Featuring the Neptunia gin, the team pair the gin’s coastal floral notes with orgeat syrup, fresh lemon and the herbaceous Auvert liqueur made here in Adelaide at Imperial Measures Distilling. Orgeat syrup is a key ingredient of many tiki cocktails. Made using almonds and orange, the syrup creates a velvety mouthfeel.

Image courtesy of Hendrick's Gin

In the world of cocktails, these three mixed drinks include a moderate percentage of non-alcoholic syrups and additions. Our next two destinations take the Curious Gin Trail to the next level with stir down cocktails using almost entirely alcoholic elements – proceed with caution.

Memphis Slim’s House of Blues lives in the grungy basement of Shotgun Willie's. The crew at Memphis have created their own ‘green distillate’ – infusing snap peas, mint and cucumber with a neutral high-proof spirit to pair with the Original Hendrick's Gin. Watermelon rind is introduced to Seppeltsfield fino for a sharp, salty element. To round it off, clarified watermelon provides a hint of sweetness. Although full of flavours, this short drink is balanced and clean.

In the east, among the ferns and palm trees of Roxie's Garden we meet Flora Adora again, this time in a serious concoction including vermouth, the French aperitif Suze, Chartreuse and a strawberry and coconut vinegar. By and large, Chartreuse can be a divisive drink, but this is a tipple that might convince you of its value. The floral notes in Hendrick’s Flora Adora smooth the liqueur over and blend with the strawberry and coconut in a strong but delicious, neat little drink.

Honourable mentions go to two other participating venues – Proof (Anster Street) and The Howling Owl (East End). Don't miss the latter's bright pink liquid work of art, the Snapdragon: a wonderfully refreshing mix of Hendrick's Flora Adora, fresh lime juice, dragonfruit syrup, juiced ginger, Fire Tincture bitters, soda, and cucumber and basil. Proof's signature Trail cocktail is the Fair Weather: a mix of Original Hendrick's Gin, coriander-infused dry fino, ginger beer, fresh lemon & cucumber juice.

The beautiful thing about the Curious Gin Trail is there is no time limit and no rush. Hunt down one or two of these ‘tails in a day and round out your evening at Club Curious within Gluttony. Don’t forget your Cooling Cucumber Towel, as that is your ticket for entry every Tuesday to Saturday night!




Please enjoy the unusual responsibly.

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