Floods of Fire with Electric Fields & the ASO

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Electric Fields close the 2024 Festival with performances of beauty and shared understanding

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ASO and Electric Fields
Photo by Enzo Frisini – Photostudio Australia
Published 19 Mar 2024

Brought to life from the mind of Airan Berg, Floods of Fire combines different cultural understandings of our world in the face of one of the biggest challenges facing us all: climate change. The first half of the concert begins with an acknowledgement of country, before the world premiere of the 'Floods of Fire Symphony', bringing a talented team of South Australian musicians and composers onstage.

Each performance is a beautiful blend of past and present with traditional instruments, such as the yidaki, shamisen, santur and guzheng, alongside a contemporary string orchestra. Every moment feels as if experiencing the full force of nature, in her most tender and intense moments – from plants sprouting in spring to thunderous rain on a tin roof in winter.

When Electric Fields take the stage in the second half, the duo’s energy is infectious as they greet the audience like old friends: Zaachariaha Fielding’s powerhouse vocals combine English and traditional APY languages; Michael Ross’ electronic beats and the ASO are a match made in heaven. Fielding’s charm cannot be overstated as he chats with the audience, encouraging us to join him in a heartfelt cover of 'From Little Things Big Things Grow', making sure we sing it like we mean it. As a chorus of strangers echoes around the room, it's hard not to feel emotional in that moment, like we're all a part of something bigger than ourselves.

The theatre is illuminated in a sea of stars for the Tjitji Lullaby, originally a duet between Fielding and his daughter. With a raw and powerful performance, Fielding and Ross pay tribute to one of the original vocalists of a Miili songline, who sadly passed away recently. It was a full circle moment for Electric Fields, bringing the Adelaide Festival to a close in their final Australian show before heading to Eurovision in May. And if their performance on Sunday is anything to go by, the rest of the world better prepare for an unforgettable night of music.


Floods of Fire: Our Celebration with Electric Fields & the ASO performed at Festival Theatre on Sunday 17 March as part of the Adelaide Festival 2024