Kids Review: Prehysterical

Head First Acrobats' latest children's adventure follows three Neanderthals – Grok, Urgh and Ow – in search of food and friendship. We ask Miranda (aged 11) and Harriet (aged eight) if they dig it

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Published 24 Feb 2020

Let’s talk about the show. Did you like the music?

Miranda: It WAS a great soundtrack! I knew… two of those songs! It was a very good show.

What did you like about the show?

M: All the acrobatics. They were very extravagant. It was very funny.
Harriet: I loved the funniness of it! It was like, “I am… Krug!”
M: Skrug? Grunt?
H: Grunt! Whatever her name was.   
M: And they’re like, “Ow!” 
H: No, no, it’s “Wow!”

Did it make sense to you?

H: (immediately) No.
M: Pre-hysterical, prehistorical, that made sense.

Was it... hysterical?

H: Yes, it was hysterically funny!
M: It was so funny I couldn’t laugh, because otherwise I wouldn’t have stopped.
H: I loved it when she was in the trap, and she was like, “Help… Me...!”
M: That was really well done. And I liked the narrator.
H: Yeah! He was like, “No you idiots, I’ll just do it myself!”
M: And I feel like the word “friction” made me go, “Uh oh, I’m gonna learn something now”. If that’s the way my school day went I would be so happy. I would learn SO much more!

You mean if your school used circus?

M. Uh huh. Wait? Do [Prehysterical] do classes? Because if they did, I would join.

Describe the show in five words.

M: Funny, not-very-educational (with a bunch of hyphens), hysterical, historical, extravangant.
H: Extravagan-ZA!
M: Yeah, okay, change it to that. Extravaganza.
H: Amazing, stupid, funny, inspiring, aaaand… (slaps leg while thinking) Ow!
M: And ‘ow’? That’s a good word.
H: No, my word’s not ‘ow!’. It’s caveman-ish.