Kids Review: The Fart and the Furious

Arthur (3) and Ryo (3) go to see the 'pop-off circus'

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The Fart and The Furious
Photo by KTB Design
Published 26 Feb 2024

What did you see? Did you see an elephant show?

Ryo: *Shakes head* “Um horsies!” 

What did she have on her head?

Arthur: “A balloon”

What did she do with the balloon?

*hides face with hands*

Should we call Nonna and tell her what we saw?

Ryo: “Yeah”

Arthur: “We saw the green gas and the circus”

Did you think it was funny?

Arthur: “There was green gas”

Then what?

Ryo: “They saved the day!”

What did they use to save the day?

Arthur: “A bike!”

How big was the bike? Was it teeny-tiny?

Arthur: “They couldn’t fit on there.”

But did they use it? Did it work?

Arthur: “This was – it was this little” *holds thumb and forefingers together, almost touching*

Ryo: “No, it was this little” *holds thumb and forefinger an inch apart*

Arthur: “No, this little!”

Ryo: “No, not that little, this little!”

Arthur: “Well if you go like this, it was like that”

Ryo: “No, I’ve got big hands.”

Was it really funny?

Ryo: “She put her head in the balloon it was funny”

Then what happened?

Arthur: “It just popped!”

What sounds did they make? Farts?

Ryo: “Yeah!” *giggles* 


The Fart and The Furious, The Garden of Unearthly Delights, until 3 March