The exhibition putting children behind the camera

Life through a lens

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Published 01 Mar 2020
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Dunstan Playground

Unless you had an early interest in photography, there are more photos of you as a child than there are photos you took. The school photos and baby snaps mum and dad like to embarrass you with are more for their memory than yours.

Foals is a photography exhibition that faces another direction. It gives the camera to children and helps us see the world through their lens.

The exhibition's curator, Sofie Kim, grew up in South Australia. She says: "There’s so many things I love about SA – the food, the wine, the Central Markets and, of course, all the festivals. But the future is in the hands of our kids, and I wanted them to tell you what they loved about living and growing up here, in photographic form."

Each photo, a selection of which we showcase here, features a favoured location. And – in their own words – what each child and teenager likes best about South Australia. As Kim puts it: "Children are curious, creative and observant. While we may see beauty in the big things, children are often looking at the tiny details we often overlook in our busy lives. We look at the trees and flowers whilst they look at the fallen leaves, stem or roots. From their lower level, the world above is an enormous place, looming larger than life."

Linear Park by Alex, 10 years

Alex likes: "slides that go all the way to the Torrens."


Deep Creek by Ava, 7 years

Ava likes: "Campfires and roasting marshmallows – and night walks with a head torch."


The Botanical Gardens by Charlie, 16 years

Charlie likes: "...the Botanical Gardens."


Murray Bridge by Eli, 10 years and Levi, 5 years

Eli and Levi like: "...the Bunyip, it’s cool because it goes roar."


West Beach Lizard by Katy, 12 years

Katy likes: "...beaches and nature."


Yorke Peninsula by Ryan, 16 years

Ryan likes: "... surfing, beaches, camping."


Remarkable Rocks by Sarita, 17 years

Sarita likes Whyalla: "Because it's home."


Glenelg Beach, by Tina 15 years

Tina likes: "...beach hangs and summer holidays."