Top Picks: Kids and Family

Every show is an adventure, from the inner workings of the body to a Junk Orchestra from outer space

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Published 05 Feb 2024

I am the BOSS

Fool's Paradise, until 17 March

Witness three ordinary people as they transform into extraordinary heroes defying the laws of physics. This circus show blends the art of body language and mime, weaving together reality and fantasy. Presented by 0471 Acro Physical Theatre & Cluster Arts, renowned as one of Taiwan's top circus acts. Perfect for children aged 6-12.

You Are a Doughnut photo by Matt Roberts

You Are a Doughnut

Gluttony, until 17 March

Gobble up a musical comedy and biological adventure alongside educators Oesoph A. Gus and Dewey Dean! The two teachers will lead a voyage into the intricacies of the human digestive system. Expect a lively variety show stuffed with sketches, songs, and scientific insights. A production by The Science Gang and ideal for ages 5-12. 


I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here! image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here!

The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum, until 17 March

Dive into a delightful journey through time for an educational show that'll make kids and grown-ups sing and dance in the rain. From dodging dinosaurs to combating climate change, this is an aquatic comedy sketch show set to broaden horizons and uplift audiences. Suitable for ages 5-10. 

JUNKLANDIA image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe


Various venues, until 16 March

Two brothers hailing from the distant planet 'JUNKLANDIA' are on a mission: to teach us Earthlings the secret recycling arts from their homeland. Expect a mesmerising fusion of rhythm, dance, circus and comedy, culminating in a 'Junk Orchestra', where every audience member joins in with an instrument fashioned from recycled materials. 


Jon & Jero image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe

Jon & Jero: Stuff!

Gluttony, until 3 March 

A high-energy hour for the whole family from Melbourne-based comedians Jon Walpole and Jeromaia Detto. Join bumbling brothers Jon & Jero in this choose-your-own-adventure, where they travel far and wide on a mission to get their STUFF back.