Review: 27 Club

A gig that soaks every note with infectious passion

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Published 22 Feb 2024
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27 Club

Whether you’re an old school rock ‘n’ roll fan, 27 Club conspirator, or just enjoy some good tunes, the 27 Club’s show at Gluttony ticks all the boxes. The show builds from a simple opening, traversing the repertoires of the 27 Club: the famous group of musicians who shared the tragedy of passing away at 27 years old. The sounds of Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison are brought back to life, climaxing in a nostalgic and gratifying tribute.

Despite a seemingly shy and disconnected introduction, the artists quickly step into their space, and fill the stage with what can only be described as insane talent. Their infectious passion for the music and the artists who "sold their souls” for it, as mentioned by powerhouse vocalist Sarah Mcleod (The Superjesus), truly soaks every note. The hours of practice and dedication behind this show shine through with an almost eerie accuracy to the original artists from vocalists Mcleod, Carla Lippis (Mondo Psycho), Kevin Mitchell (Bob Evans, Jebidiah) and Dusty lee Stephensen (Wanderers).

The hair-raising vocals of Lippis alone, who easily stepped up to and conquered the challenge of Winehouse, are reason enough to see the show.

Perhaps the most heart-warming takeaway was the gift given to the audience raised on the records, cassettes and CDs of the 27 Club, who for an hour could travel back and revel in the sounds of their youth.


27 Club, Gluttony, until 17 March