Review: Queer House Rules!

A sweet and amusing script grounded in realistic depictions

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Queer House Rules!
Published 29 Feb 2020

Four housemates discover they have a surprise inspection, with only a few hours to prepare. Emily (Flinty McBain) hasn’t tidied up the shared areas like she promised she would. Her best-friend, Daisy (Lillian Cheyne), is exhausted from working back-to-back hospitality shifts. Loveable goof Brad (Aidan Moller) hasn’t done the shopping like he was supposed to. While Jamie (Jess Wong) is left to play the role of house mediator. In the rush to clean all the things, simmering tensions rise to the fore.

The performances in this four-hander are all very enjoyable but slightly unpolished. McBain and Cheyne offer grounded portrayals, but can be so soft-spoken that it’s a struggle to clearly discern their dialogue at times. Moller is more at ease on stage, but he isn’t given as much to work with. The clear standout is Wong, who brings Jamie to brilliant life through unique and unconventional acting choices.

Guy Henderson’s original script is warm, light, and grounded in its depiction of lesbian, bi, gender non-conforming and straight folk.

Peppered with contemporary references and vagina-based puns, it’s more sweet and amusing than sharp or incisive. Yet this is an entertaining show worth the price of admission.