Review: Umbrella Man

Colin Bramwell tells stories with warmth and depth

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Published 16 Feb 2019
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Umbrella Man

Umbrella Man is one-man spoken theatre, brought to us by writer and performer Colin Bramwell, whose company Teuchter Theatre aims to develop original, inclusive and multicultural works.

Through the show Bramwell recreates the experience of encountering that rambling, spirited, wayward soul you’re likely to encounter in every hostel on the Indochinese Peninsula. He warmly engages the audience, as if they are an old friend, and relays us with the story of how he came to find himself as a wandering tour guide.

With musical and poetical asides, Bramwell allows us a glimpse into his worldview, which features illuminati conspiracies and flat-earth delusions, but which is also marked by loss, disappointment and heartbreak.

Umbrella Man draws you in like a conversation and wraps you up like a warm blanket. The performance is rich and memorable, but it’s the layered storytelling that leaves a lasting impression.