The Institute of Invisible Things

theatre review (adelaide) | Read in About 1 minute
Published 26 Feb 2018

The Institute of Invisible Things offers a slow, quiet eddy in the busy stream of the Adelaide Central Market. This meditative piece of theatre is meant as an experience: it strips away the illusion of wholeness and presence in the world and reconstructs the self in a reassuring framework of human connection. This work is a poetic reflection on the pragmatism we use to parse reality.

Each chapter in the performance brings awareness to the things that are overlooked in everyday life. The show emphasises the role of context and perspective in bringing awareness to space and relationships. Storytellers and performers Sarah John and Emma Beech offer care and compassion to each visitor as they weave a beautifully curated performance that is both mindful and rewarding. The Institute of Invisible Things opens up deeply personal experiences with affirming guidance that asks the audience to share, but also lets them keep secrets.