Preview: The Dutch Eagles

Is the novelty of Dutch cowboys not enough?

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Published 07 Aug 2007
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Knowing that they come from the same country as Edam and Gouda, we probably shouldn't have cringed so violently when the Dutch Eagles announced they were “taking it Easyjet to Scotland.” But if you, like me, thought Dutch music began with a “2” and ended with an “Unlimited”, then take note.

This Haarlem sextet traded their clogs for stirrups and came together over a love of good ol' Southern rock. Beating off stiff competition to land in Edinburgh with the enviable tag of “Holland's best Eagles tribute band,” The Dutch Eagles will be playing at Assembly six nights per week throughout August.

With the promise of doppelganger performances of all the classics, Eagles fans could do worse than give this a whirl. For everyone else, is the novelty of Dutch cowboys not enticing enough? The Fringe is all about diversity, and they don't come much more far-fetched than this.