Tessa Lynch

A single day to make an exhibition creates a lively human tapestry

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Published 07 Aug 2007
One working day, 20 volunteers and a whole lot of art to make. This is the challenge facing award-winning artist Tessa Lynch and her team today as they attempt to start work on an exhibition in the morning and have it finished by the evening, when it will be shown in the Sweet ECA venue from 7-9pm.

Collaborators will be asked to work on the theme "the daily news," a subject which provides rich source material for Lynch's work. Recipient of the 2007 New Work Scotland prize, her experimental performances and sculpture find their motivation and narrative base in the events of the world. Frequently roping in helpers, who are encouraged to add their own playful interpretation to the ambitious, time-based projects. Lynch records all aspects of the interactive performance, through combinations of props, objects and images which create vanishing, intriguing sculptures. The limited time and improvised nature of the projects make for unexpected and humourous results. The "Tessa Tasks" become more than mere exhibitions, developing into a lively human visual, interpreting broadcasted events while creating an event worth talking about themselves.