Fest x EHFM: 7 August

Arusa Qureshi and Ben Venables present their second radio show of August on EHFM

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Fest x EHFM 2
Published 08 Aug 2023

Edinburgh-based online radio station EHFM have kindly agreed to host Fest weekly in August, for a show that coincides with each issue of the magazine. Every Monday, Arusa and Ben will run through their highlights, chat to special guests and play some tunes to get everyone in the festival spirit. 

In episode two, they spoke about some of the features to look forward to in Issue 1 of Fest, as well as what they were both personally excited about seeing in the weeks ahead. Plus, they're joined by interdisciplinary artist, curator and culinary designer Rudy Kanhye, who is one of this year's Platform artists at the Edinburgh Art Festival, and comedian Nabil Abdulrashid, who brings his Edinburgh debut The Purple Pill to this year's Fringe.

Listen to the second episode here:

And check out all the songs played over the hour below:


The next show airs live on EHFM on Monday 14 August at 4pm.