Perfect Day: Reuben Kaye

The Australian cabaret and comedy superstar gives us his thoughts on his perfect day in Edinburgh

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Reuben Kaye
Photo by Jax Moussa
Published 25 Aug 2022

What is your favourite place to eat in Edinburgh?

Food? Who has time for food in Edinburgh? For the month of August I subsist on creme brûlées from the creme brûlée van and any stray acrobat that wanders past 

What is the best show that clashes with your own?

There are other shows on?

Where do you like to relax in Edinburgh?

There’s a lovely stables out past Leith I like. They have a stall named after me, my own personal salt lick and the vet is very gentle.

Where’s the best place for a night out?

The Kaye Hole! It’s fast, sweaty, queer, loose and fucking hilarious. The best place to tear down the world and rebuild it. All in one big bump. Me and my band The Close Contacts have all the best, queerest and nastiest acts of the Fringe and an open bar throughout. 

What shows are you most looking forward to seeing?

I adore Tina Del Twist, Michelle Brasier, Rhys Nicholson of course. Lizard Boy looks outrageous, James Rowland's Learning to Fly and also just James as I love him. This Is Not A Show About Hong Kong also, Laura Davis, Cassie Workman’s show Aberdeen is a MUST. Siblings of course and Zach Zucker! But also to just take a punt and see something I’ve never heard of!

Where is the best place for a date/hook up?
There’s a small alleyway just off West Newington Place that’s pretty ergonomic.

What would your dream line-up at the Kaye Hole be?
Thanks to the mount of edibles I’ve packed I rarely dream anymore BUT if I did Jinkx Monsoon would be LEGENDARY. (Call me bitch!) but as for the dream line-up… Jayne County for sure. Grace Jones, FKA Twigs, Sophie (Rest In Power) and Le Tigre… Does Fest have the connections to make that happen? Otherwise the collection of lunatics we’ve brought over will just have to do…

What is your wildest Fringe memory?
Come find me and we can make one.