Fringe Dog meets Fiona Allen

Edinburgh's canine critic meets the Smack The Pony star

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Published 08 Aug 2023
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Fiona Allen

cynical cats say comedians come to edinburgh to get on the telly, but you’re a comedy star of the small screen! what is it about startin' stand-up now that gives you the belly rub you need?

Comedians receiving belly rubs .. now that's an image. Better than being heckled, I suppose. For me it's the challenge of something new. I've never attempted going on the road doing stand up or writing a show. Always had itchy feet, and looked at the horizon and not what's in front of me.

i must ask you a question of paramount importance: do you have a dog?

Yes a cockapoo. A breed of dog named by a committee of hormonal teenage boys. He's got no manners, and was asked to leave puppy training class for naughty behaviour but he's so much fun. If I could get him to operate the washing machine he'd be perfect.

Fringe Dog, by Lauren Hunter

how would your dog describe your show ‘on the run’?

He would run excitedly around the garden barking at wildlife that had already fled ages before this apex predator came out to inspect his patch. He would then lie on his back, wriggle and scratch himself. Then he'd describe it as my recent journey onto this stage, my thoughts on family, marriage, sex robots, passive aggressive school mums and supermarket dress codes. Summation of the show along the lines of 'why aren't you talking about me more!'

what is trickier to manage: three children, a marriage and career – or your majestic cockapoo?

Slightly loaded question! Mr Majestic over a list that sounds like a penance for bad behaviour. Might have been fairer if you at least pretended there was a contest. They are all a challenge in their separate ways. Couldn't do without any of them though!

just as a cockapoo is a beautiful blend of cocker spaniel and poodle, has being a sketch writer helped you write stand-up routines – or are the two art forms more like cat and dog?

They are the same on one level in that they attempt to create humour out of everyday situations. The difference being as a stand-up you are both narrator and all the characters and you can't shift location...well actually you can but only if you paint the picture for the audience.