Fringe Dog meets Michelle Shaughnessy

Edinburgh's canine journalist meets Canadian comedian Michelle Shaughnessy, and her dog Robocop

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Robocop and Michelle Shaughnessy, photo by Steve Ullathorne
Published 18 Aug 2022

hallo ms michelle !!! i hear you has brillant show about bullyin’ ,poverty and sobriety in edimbrugh ,so for my first question it’s important for me to ask, do you have a dog ???

I do have a dog. His name is Robocop. He’s two years old and he’s a chocolate Pomeranian and he’s 10/10 a good boy. Follow him on insta! @robocopthepom

how would your dog describe your show ?!?

A bit ruff around the edges but quite fetching!

they say a dog is a "mans" best friend but how does your dog feel about you ?!?

He loves me. He puts up with my separation anxiety though and knows I’m working on it. He also knows I’m a pushover cause even when I say no I always cave in and he gets what he wants.

Fringe Dog, illustration by Lauren Hunter 

good gig or bad gig is your dog supportive when you come home ???

Robo always sits at the door and waits for me. He doesn’t care if I have a bad show, good show or no show. His tail is wagging the second I get through the door and waiting for pets and treats and walks.

if you were a breed of dog what would you be and why ???

I’d be a Chihuahua because I’m cute but lots of people find me annoying and yappy.

what is the most dangerous animal you've ever cuddled ?!?

I only ever cuddle cute dogs and baby goats. Everything else is gross. I had a hamster when I was little and bit me a lot.

what is the best life tip you have learned from your dog ???

To never share your food. You never know when you’ll get another treat!

what shows is your dog most looking forward to in edimbrugh ???

Mine and mine only. He’s too loyal. I keep telling him there’s lots of other great performers going but he doesn’t want to hear it. I’m sure he’ll venture out but as of right now he’s just helping me prepare like the goods boy he is.