Fringe Q&A: Norris & Parker

Sketch duo Norris and Parker are returning to Edinburgh with their alluring fever dream Sirens

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Norris and Parker
Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear
Published 31 Jul 2022

How much are you looking forward to coming back to Edinburgh, are you both plagued nightly by anxiety dreams?

We are very much looking forward to returning to the fringe, although Sinead’s already in bed with anxiety sweats and the plague. Norris often has fever dreams and for our last show, Burn the Witch she dreamt up the ending. 

If you could review your own show how would you describe it?

"Sirens is a fever dream of a sketch show created by Norris and Parker, two buxom ingenues who lure audiences to their watery graves with their hypnotic songs, surreal comedy and tight snatches. It’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland, 1940’s coastal thrillers, Sally Rooney books and Techno. However, to echo the opinion of a male reviewer in 2018: I prefer to focus on the fact that they ‘leave nothing to the imagination’, and ‘display every position in the show room’ like a pair of Nissan Micras. I liked the stuff about Gillian McKeith, that was very subtle and nuanced but I was less keen on the song about Manchester’s finest take away, The Tai Wu – **  (Incels Weekly)."

Tell us about your first Edinburgh experience?

We took our first show All Our Friends Are Dead to Ryan’s Cellar Bar in 2013, we had no agent and knew nothing about the comedy circuit, but had the loveliest time on the free fringe. We made loads of bucket money, dined out every night and had a day off a week because Ryan’s Cellar Bar was closed on Sundays. Our friend, Amanda, came along to tech and flyer for us in a leotard, and shortly after was cast in Hollyoaks. We made friends with Robbie the Scottish Tuk Tuk driver who drove us around Edinburgh and who Sinead snogged the face off. 

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in Edinburgh?

The biggest mistake is yet to come, as this year we will be sharing a flat with five male comics, our tech Dave and one toilet. 

What advice would you give comedians coming to the Fringe for the first time?

Look after your mental health and well being as much as you can, don’t worry about reviews as some will be written by misogynists and actual criminals – and call Robbie for the Tuk Tuk ride of your life.

What is the best or most inspiring show you’ve seen in Edinburgh?

The Rubberbandits 

What show are you most looking forward to seeing this Fringe, and why?

Huge Davies’ work-in-progress because he is our son and a nice boy and isn’t sleeping at the moment. Elf Lyons’ show Raven because she’s weird, wonderful and always has the audience in the palm of her hand.