Laura Lexx: Lovely

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
Published 16 Aug 2015

Few shows are as aptly titled as this. Laura Lexx does indeed seem genuinely lovely, and seems to like us too: in fact she uses the word "lovely" as a go-to epithet for everyone in the crowd.

With a winning smile and a soft, honeyed delivery that somehow contrives never to cloy, Lexx takes us on a tour of some of the ups and downs of her year. The downs are admittedly quite shallow; Lexx is clear that her show could easily have been renamed "An Hour of First-World Problems", her happy Somerset childhood and current state of domestic bliss failing to provide her with the requisite number of social or emotional issues that the highest-rated Fringe shows tend to exploit. Even the “poo bit” is somewhat overshadowed by fellow comedian Felicity Ward, who has a whole show on her (presumably more extreme) IBS over at the Pleasance this year.

It’s all very agreeable and sometimes very funny. Lexx’s excellent impression of a bowerbird’s mating dance is a particular highlight; as is the central story of Lexx’s recent trip to Disneyland with her boyfriend, where her excitement at the prospect of being proposed to is only slightly overshadowed by the fear of bowel eruption.

There are very few sharp edges here, and those who find the prospect of two adults going to Disneyland together inherently weird (as did a recent punter that Lexx overheard) might best look elsewhere. But for someone with so few real problems, Lexx has put together a delightful and worthwhile hour.