Review: Adam Flood: Remoulded

A strong debut from a comedian who has found his calling

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Adam Flood
Photo by Ross Fraser McLean
Published 23 Aug 2023

Growing up in the Potteries, Adam Flood has spent most of his teens and adult life reinventing himself from his ‘clayhead’ beginnings. One false move as a youngster seems to have meant he's been whacked like a pinball on an uphill and unpredictable trajectory ever since. He's had limited choices and no second chances – it seems the only thing he got from his school was a lesson on the dangers that await someone who tells the truth.

His varied career includes being the bassist for Bleached Whale, an indie band too unknown to be forgotten, and a more lucrative office job in a London tech ‘start up’ before being sacked. Every next step comes with another transformation. It makes for plenty of comedic material; each fresh start like a new series of a classic ‘fish out of water’ sitcom. 

This is a striking debut hour which ends on a playful and honest note about some of the small tweaks he’s made to his story. While it makes perfect sense as a conclusion to Remoulded it almost acts as a post-credits scene, hooking us into his next Fringe show – one where we’ll get to see more of this version of Flood, the comedian, who won't need to change again because he seems to have found his calling here.