Review: Flat and the Curves

A concoction of laughter and silliness

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 1 minute
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Flat and the Curves, image courtesy of the artists
Published 25 Aug 2022

The sketch quartet, comprising of Issy Roe-Wright; Arabella Rodrigo; Katy Baker and Charlotte Brooke, share an evening of foreplay and frills, plus songs rejoicing all elements of gear-shifting oracular joy, spreading the stage in orgasmic glory, taking ownership of female sexual enjoyment.

The visual glitz reflects a cabaret aboard a cruise ship. And there's an amalgamation of barbershop harmonies and simple choreography. Brooke’s command of the keyboard keeps the cabaret fresh and in the moment. Brooke accompanies each performer as they take the spotlight to warn the audience of unfortunate sexual encounters. Roe-Wright’s ballad of proposal is flat packed by an argument in IKEA, while Rodrigo’s invitation to a swinger’s party unleashes their kinky confidence. Baker shares their inner Kae Tempest with a beat poem contemplating the woes of the routine hangover, while Brooke serenades the singletons mimicking a teenage heartthrob. Some of the harmonies are a little repetitive but their stage presence always creates a concoction of laughter and silliness.