Review: Olga Koch: Just Friends

A joyous embrace of ho culture

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Olga Koch, photo by Matt Stronge
Published 18 Aug 2022

Olga Koch is right about lots of things: Disney adults are the worst, bisexual men are superior, and you should never waste a shaved pussy. She’s also right about embracing her lifestyle. Because for Koch, ho is life – and we can all respect that.

After a break-up in 2019, she decided to fully embrace her culture and its rich traditions. Wearing a cowboy hat indoors at night: ho culture. Appreciating a good feather boa: ho culture. Yelling ‘shots on me’, but forgetting your debit card: ho culture. Sure, it might seem like the antithesis to feminism, but Koch teaches us that anybody can be a ho if you want it enough.

More than anything, however, Koch wants to have a threesome. Just Friends is the tale of her attempts to hook up with the two bisexual comedians she knows (because bisexual man/bisexual man/bisexual women is the ultimate threesome combination), despite mixed messages, is-this-a-date dates and devastating knockbacks.

Koch is a natural on stage, a sanguine performer whose jokes come thick and fast, callbacks, running threads and tight little throwaways all tied together into a joyous hour. Just Friends’ message is one to be celebrated, all about embracing sexuality, love and being yourself, ho or otherwise.