Review: Sid Singh: Table for One

A passionate hour about making a difference from the human rights advocate

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Sid Singh, image courtesy of Flick Morris PR
Published 04 Aug 2023

Sid Singh returns to Edinburgh to talk about what it takes to fight the good fight. Excitable, friendly, and passionate about his work, he sets out to show that any of us can make a difference.

A full-time touring comedian who volunteers as a human rights advocate, Singh has been asked to pick a side, but he’s having none of it. He’s firmly committed to both causes and lets the audience in on his journey to date. This includes making his way in comedy, moving to New York, and going to law school, none of which came easy. If these life stories carry a message, it’s to keep going and not give up.

Some anecdotes about his friends and family are too long for little payback, and for someone who claims to believe in progressive values, a few of his woke jokes are unintentionally offensive. Nonetheless, it’s evident that Singh’s heart is in the right place.

He says he always wanted to become a comedian, and he seems to have fun on stage, but he really gets going when he talks about human rights. This is a man who has stepped up to the plate and splitting his bucket 50/50 with the Centre for Gender and Refugee Studies, he puts his money where his mouth is.