Review: Two Hearts: We're Pregnant and the Baby is Music

New Zealand's premiere musical duo are here to heal the world through song

comedy review (edinburgh) | Read in About 2 minutes
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Two Hearts, photo by Kat Gollock
Published 22 Aug 2022

We're Pregant and the Baby is Music is a riot from start to finish. Costume changes, backing dancers, lights, fog: it's great sexy arena pop, fringe style.

What makes this work so well is that the songs are really, genuinely good. Laura Daniel has an incredible set of pipes, and both her and Joseph Moore are great rappers. The productions are slick, glossy, and catchy, rather than just something boshed together quickly to attach a punchline too. And because the music is so good, you get lost in it, so when the punchlines do come, they come with a surprise, and land all the better for it. Whether it be a funny line or a shift in the narrative the joke never wears thin – the 'If I Were A Boy' homage, in particular, takes a couple of sharp turns.

Tonight is beset by a couple of technical hitches – screens playing up, and a loop pedal collapse – but the way they powered through was a real highlight. You can tell the two have clearly been working together for a long time. They have a natural, breezy chemistry that works in the scripted moments as well as in the ad libs. Daniel is the predominant vocalist, but it’s a real equal billing, neither one playing second fiddle to the other.